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Thoughts on Black Friday

Today was Black Friday.  The day that Americans across the continent lined up in the cold and dark and waited for the retailers to open their doors to begin the craze of holiday shopping.  I’ve always avoided shopping on this day and I’ve always avoided Black Friday like the plague.  I won’t even attempt a grocery store stop.

'Greening' your home

I'm asked a lot why I choose to clean my home without commercially produced cleaning products and my answer is always pretty simple.  My mother and her mother cleaned our homes with baking soda and vinegar.  We also brushed our teeth with the baking soda.  There were no fancy bottles of cleaning products or tubes of toothpaste with princesses printed on them to encourage our use.  As an adult I bought into all the commercial cleaning products (and was proud that I could afford to purchase them!)  and had something different for almost every thing that needed to be cleaned in our house.

Donald Dommer, 1934-2013

Donald Dommer died on October 5th after a short illness.

Donny was born to Arthur and Clara Dommer on December 7th, 1934 on the Monterey Peninsula. He lived his entire lifetime in this community, blazing trails from Seaside to Carmel Valley in his youth, spending his days swimming along the Carmel River.

He grew up in Seaside during a time when his mother could stand on her front porch in upper Seaside and call her children home from picking blackberries in Sand City.

The Return of Sand Dabs

You know you’ve been in the restaurant business a long time when you get excited by an ugly five-inch fish. Recently I walked into the kitchen of Passionfish, the restaurant I own with my husband Ted in Pacific Grove, and recognized the voice of a small commercial fisherman I’ve known for many years. He was showing Ted, a chef, how to fillet sand dabs, which is tricky to do because sand dabs are very small and very flat. The fisherman was telling Ted that for the first time in years, he’s been able to catch enough fish by rod and reel to support his family. He credited California’s new marine protected areas for his harvest - confirming for me that by taking care of our fish, we take care of our fishermen, and ultimately our restaurateurs.

A Year of Bees

Today our third bee hive arrived after almost 15 months of caring for two hives that came to live with us last year.  My mentor Patrick Adams of Blue Moon Bee's has been an incredible teacher and although I have learned a lot the last year, I still feel stupid in his presence!  My two original hives of Italian bee's struggled through a dry and cold winter and 'bee mom' me struggled right along with them.  The two hives were named Cersei and Khaleesi when they came to live with

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