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Guest blog- 'Litter-ally' Embarrassed

Please welcome back our guest blogger, Candace, also known as 'Mommy of Two'!  This time around Candace is sharing her feelings of embarrassment while participating in our neighborhood trash project.  Enjoy!


'Litter-ally' Embarrassed



Today I was embarrassed to pick up trash in our neighborhood park, but not for the reasons you may think.



Let’s first rewind two weeks. I came to work to learn we are beginning a bi-weekly trash pick up around our neighborhood and will be cataloging and taking pictures of our findings. We chose our favorite neighborhood park, Caledonia Park, which we frequent at least 1-2 times a week. I often spot trash there, or should I say my 21 month old finds it for me...fun huh? I usually give a disgusted sigh as I pry it from his little hands and throw it away.

Emotional Litter-acy

Emotional Litter-acy

Question: Which option strikes more of an emotional chord with you?

A. You notice an empty water bottle in the gutter on your morning dog walk.

B. Fact-- Every single piece of plastic that has ever been created since the 19th century is still somewhere on our planet.

Do you own a tent? Are you currently camping?


This past month I had the privilege of attending the Think Beyond Plastic Conference held over two days in Berkeley. The event and its speakers celebrated both innovation in the conservation, reuse and avoidance of plastics, and the creative disruption of routines that involve the use and disposal of plastic products and packaging.  Lectures covered everything from innovation investments and systems thinking to food security and youth engagement, and on to, most relevant to what we have been thinking about lately, the economy of sharing. And it was on this subject that I was first asked the questions of our title: Do you own a tent? Are you currently camping? As you might expect when Adam Werbach asked the attendees of the conference in downtown Berkeley, nobody raised a hand as we were not camping—we were attending a conference. (But if you were to look in the garages of everyone attending I am sure we would have double if not triple the needed camping supplies for everyone present!)

Guest blog- Diary from a mommy of two on how to shop Zero Waste


Please welcome our guest blogger, Candace. Aside from being a server at Passionfish, she is a very busy mother of two young boys. Candace has been kind enough to share her experiences and tips on grocery shopping with Zero Waste in mind. Enjoy!


Diary from a Mommy of Two- How to shop Zero Waste

Refusing…Sounds easy enough but it can be quite intimidating. At least that’s what I thought as we began this Zero Waste project. To be honest, I quickly felt overwhelmed, fearful, and kind of wanted to shut down. Of course, I wanted to participate in this project but here’s the catch...I have 2 boys under 3. It’s not easy. Most days present many challenges and did I really need to accept another one?

Our “Love Page” is back….


Our Love Page, is an ever-evolving, seasonally focused list of the wines that we feel a craving for. The theme of this edition of “Love” revolves around California winemakers that we view as “game changers”. This list is not only a compilation of wines but also represents a handful of dedicated, hardworking folks. The wines they work tirelessly to produce will make you think twice because of the statement they make in the glass. By sourcing nearly forgotten grapes to playing around with more familiar ones, these winemakers have created intriguing wines in miniscule quantities, shining a new light on what California and its range of grape varieties is capable of. 

40 days closer to zero


The mind of a restaurant professional is a curious thing. Those who thrive in this profession are, first and foremost, manic about multitasking. You also must possess the ability to trust your co-workers, and in turn, read their minds like you would your spouse’s. You have a way of being available when a co-worker needs your help, and you be able to help with out speaking more than a sentence. You must trust that someone can do the same for you in return. You brain must work like a sponge to absorb massive amounts of information and retain it- menu retention, stories about wine, and at Passionfish this also includes a self-taught, mini degree in all things sustainable and ocean-related. Perhaps the most important quality a truly successful server or manager must have is not only the ability to thrive under moderate to high levels of stress but to actually must crave it.

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