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GQ, BMW and a proud father

Just after summer of last year we were approached by a “location scout” for the film industry.

He explained that BMW was getting ready to launch their all-electric vehicle and they would be doing a “video blog” in conjunction with GQ magazine. It would consist of two celebrities driving the vehicle from San Francisco to Big Sur and since the vehicle will only go 75 miles on one charge they were going to show how slowing your life down a little bit resulted in a lot of fun.

Love and Food Allergies

I love my wife. But at least a couple times each year I make an unconscious effort at killing her. Literally.  Cindy is one of the unfortunate folks who suffer from severe food allergies. The list of foods that she’s allergic to is overwhelming for almost any chef but you’d think that at least I would get it right ALL the time. Unfortunately I don’t.

Thoughts on Black Friday

Today was Black Friday.  The day that Americans across the continent lined up in the cold and dark and waited for the retailers to open their doors to begin the craze of holiday shopping.  I’ve always avoided shopping on this day and I’ve always avoided Black Friday like the plague.  I won’t even attempt a grocery store stop.

'Greening' your home

I'm asked a lot why I choose to clean my home without commercially produced cleaning products and my answer is always pretty simple.  My mother and her mother cleaned our homes with baking soda and vinegar.  We also brushed our teeth with the baking soda.  There were no fancy bottles of cleaning products or tubes of toothpaste with princesses printed on them to encourage our use.  As an adult I bought into all the commercial cleaning products (and was proud that I could afford to purchase them!)  and had something different for almost every thing that needed to be cleaned in our house.

Guest blog- 'Litter-ally' Embarrassed

Please welcome back our guest blogger, Candace, also known as 'Mommy of Two'!  This time around Candace is sharing her feelings of embarrassment while participating in our neighborhood trash project.  Enjoy!


'Litter-ally' Embarrassed



Today I was embarrassed to pick up trash in our neighborhood park, but not for the reasons you may think.



Let’s first rewind two weeks. I came to work to learn we are beginning a bi-weekly trash pick up around our neighborhood and will be cataloging and taking pictures of our findings. We chose our favorite neighborhood park, Caledonia Park, which we frequent at least 1-2 times a week. I often spot trash there, or should I say my 21 month old finds it for huh? I usually give a disgusted sigh as I pry it from his little hands and throw it away.

Emotional Litter-acy

Emotional Litter-acy

Question: Which option strikes more of an emotional chord with you?

A. You notice an empty water bottle in the gutter on your morning dog walk.

B. Fact-- Every single piece of plastic that has ever been created since the 19th century is still somewhere on our planet.

Welcome to Passionfish's First Beer Dinner.

People know that we're big on great wine -- now we're trying something new. It's a great Beer Dinner, coming up on Wednesday, November 20th at 6:30.

We're working with superb craft beers by brewer -- and Passionfish alum -- Kevin Clark of Peter B's in Monterey. I've designed a special menu just to go with Kevin's beers.

You can see the menu right here.

Hope you'll join us! For this special event, please call us directly to reserve your place: (831) 655-3311.

An autumn round of "What wine would you take home?"


Amongst the hustle and bustle of a busy restaurant it’s easy to lose touch from personally appreciating the bounty that we serve: fabulous food and amazing wine!  I have found one easy question I can ask my staff that jostles them from their tasks at hand just enough to get them day-dreaming for a short moment. We call this game “What bottle would you take home?” 

Donald Dommer, 1934-2013

Donald Dommer died on October 5th after a short illness.

Donny was born to Arthur and Clara Dommer on December 7th, 1934 on the Monterey Peninsula. He lived his entire lifetime in this community, blazing trails from Seaside to Carmel Valley in his youth, spending his days swimming along the Carmel River.

He grew up in Seaside during a time when his mother could stand on her front porch in upper Seaside and call her children home from picking blackberries in Sand City.


WATCH: "This is my kitchen; this is our restaurant."