Our Passions

The Daughter of A Fisherman

My father likes to say that I was born and raised on Monterey’s Fisherman’s Wharf. Of course, that’s not really true, although my earliest memories are of the wharf, the beach and the sea life in the bay. When I sift through family photos I find faded black and whites of a little girl with a sun suit that is tied at the shoulders and a pixie hair cut (the kind that looked like your mom stuck a bowl on your head), and a big flat ocean in the background. Picture after picture—different sun suits, different skies, different angles of the beach, maybe on the wharf, never any shoes, never any sunscreen— always with the ocean in the background.

Honey Harvest!

Yesterday morning my mentor Patrick from Blue Moon Bee's arrived with his lovely artist wife Murphy to help me with my first honey harvest.  We spent our time checking both of my girls hives, adjusting the 'supers' and then selecting a couple of panels from the larger hive to harvest a small amount of honey. I had researched different types of equipment and spinners for honey harvesting but, at Patricks prodding chose not to purchase anything  until after I had harvested once with him. Thank you Patrick for saving me hundreds, potentially a thousand dollars!

What Our Guests Are Saying

"Mom I'm starving, what's for dinner" was my son's first words when I picked him up on Friday after school. Enroute to another restaurant, my son and I changed our minds and ended up at PassionFish and what a great choice it was. The asparagus fries were just what I was craving. My son had the Crab Salad with the Spicy Vinaigrette and pulled his plate away when I reached over for a second taste. He narrowed his entree selections to the Duck Confit, Sea Scallops or the Shrimp Stew - after much deliberation and consultation with Lindsey (our server) and myself - went with the Duck Confit. I had the 12-Hour Lamb breast. It was a absolutely DIVINE!!! When we we exchanged bites, my son was was struck dumb (hard to do for a 15-year old) by the flavors bursting in his mouth. AMAZING!!!!!! The bread pudding (sauce on the side) was our dessert of choice and not a bad choice as well. A Friday evening evening well spent.

- Kui Maluki