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Cindy and Ted standing together


We believe there is an art to food, and an art to life, and that behind both is passion. That's why we created Passionfish.

We believe in the vivid flavors of fresh, local ingredients. We select daily from small farms and farmers market's, and from sustainable farms and fisheries.

We believe in great wine, made accessible to all. Our list draws from interesting and sustainably produced wines from around the world, and we offer its vintages at realistic prices.

We believe in natural harmony. Our seafood, meats and produce are sustainably harvested, and we are the first local restaurant to be designated a green business.

And we believe in the simple power of pleasure; in food, wine and company, coming together at the table.

Believing in these things, we have made a dream come true. That dream is Passionfish, and we're delighted to share it with you.

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