• Passionfish Restaurant

Allergy Menu

Each menu description lists the major allergens.  Parentheses indicate that the allergen can be removed using an alternative preparation. Please note that despite how hard we may try, there is always a chance of cross-contamination in the kitchen. It’s very important that you make your server aware of all of your allergies.


sea scallop ▪︎ caper-raisin-walnut relish ▪︎ artichoke risotto cake  11

gluten, dairy, shellfish, nut, citrus, onion-garlic, egg


spicy fish stew ▪︎ tomato-cilantro broth  11

shellfish, citrus, (dairy), onion-garlic, nightshade


smoked trout ceviche tostadas ▪︎ cashew pesto ▪︎ spicy salsa brava  12

(gluten), (shellfish), (nut), citrus, onion-garlic, nightshade


fried oysters ▪︎ kimchee salad ▪︎ ham & mint  13

gluten, shellfish, citrus, onion-garlic, soy, nightshade, egg


fried california squid ▪︎ herb salad ▪︎ spicy tangerine vinaigrette  13

gluten, shellfish, citrus, onion-garlic, nightshade, dairy, egg


chilled mussels ▪︎ pickled radish & cucumber ▪︎ 'bloody mary' dressing  11

gluten, shellfish, citrus, onion-garlic, nightshade, 


black bean-goat cheese fritters ▪︎ salsa fresca  10

gluten, shellfish, nightshade, onion-garlic, citrus, egg


striped bass crudo ▪︎ pomegranate-ginger granita ▪︎ seaweed ponzu  17

gluten, soy, citrus, seeds


nancy's buttery buttermilk biscuit  2/each

gluten, dairy, (honey)


mixed field greens salad ▪︎ basil-honey dressing ▪︎ croutons ▪︎ asiago cheese  9

(gluten), (dairy), (honey), (seeds)


warm brussels sprout salad ▪︎ grapes ▪︎ mustard-cider vinaigrette ▪︎ ricotta salata  13

(dairy), (seeds)


dungeness crab salad ▪︎ avocado ▪︎ spicy ginger vinaigrette ▪︎ fennel  24

gluten, dairy, shellfish, soy, pitted fruit, onion-garlic, citrus, seeds, nightshade, egg


duck confit ▪︎ honey reduction ▪︎ smoked chile-potato cake ▪︎ grilled broccolini  30

(gluten), (dairy), (shellfish), onion-garlic, seeds, (honey), nightshade, egg


spoonable 12-hour lamb breast ▪︎ meyer lemon tajine ▪︎ goat cheese  24

(gluten), (dairy), citrus, onion-garlic, (shellfish), pitted fruit, seeds, nightshade, honey


warm vegetable-chickpea stew ▪︎ jasmine rice ▪︎ red charmoula ▪︎ pepitas  17 

(gluten), (shellfish), (egg), (dairy), onion-garlic, seeds, citrus, (pitted fruit), (honey), nightshade


rainbow trout ▪︎ basil stuffed ▪︎ red wine braised vegetables ▪︎ basil aioli  22

(gluten), onion-garlic, pitted fruit, nightshade, (citrus), (seeds), (egg), (shellfish)


rockfish ▪︎ cabbage-mint salad ▪︎ spicy nuoc cham vinaigrette ▪︎ rice crisps ▪︎ cashews  24

(onion-garlic), (egg), (dairy)(gluten), (nut), (soy), (shellfish), citrus, nightshade


sea scallops ▪︎ tomato-truffle butter ▪︎ savory rice custard  28

(gluten), dairy, shellfish, egg, onion-garlic, nightshade


artic char ▪︎ red curry vinaigrette ▪︎ buttered parsnips ▪︎ soubise ▪︎ picked onions  27

(gluten), shellfish, onion-garlic, nightshade, seeds, dairy


albacore tuna ▪︎ pepper-fennel seed & sesame crust ▪︎ bacon wilted chard cauliflower purée ▪︎ bacon gremolata  30

(gluten), (shellfish), onion-garlic, (seeds), citrus, (dairy)



Please be sure to ask the server if you have any questions about the ingredients of our dishes.