• Passionfish General Manager, Jannae Lizza


Our philosophy on wine...

Welcome to Passionfish! We would like to use this page to introduce you to our wine list. First you may notice our close-to-retail prices are comparable to your best neighborhood wine shop. While the general restaurant practice is to mark up wine by 200-300%, we choose to keep ours at a 50-80% markup. Why do we price our wines this way? Because we are crazy about wine, and great food deserves great wine at a reasonable price. We hope this will excite and tempt you to try something new, unique and off the beaten path. We charge a $30 corkage fee for those who care to bring in their own special bottle of wine.

Our generous pricing policy has allowed us to purchase in a different manner than is customary. You will find that our list highlights small production wineries as well as grape varieties that are under the radar. We take care to offer classic favorites as well, at unconventional price points. Our pleasant staff is primarily educated in house. They participate in the wine purchasing process and are happy to suggest their favorite wines of the moment. We want you to explore our world of wine. Tell us what you like and look for, and we will work with you to find the perfect wine for your meal.

As you browse through the wine list, you may notice this symbol ❦ appearing next to certain wines. We use it to acknowledge wineries that are doing their part to practice any form of sustainable wine production. We believe in recognizing these wineries because farming sustainably on land directly affects the sustainability of our oceans.

We hope that you enjoy your dining experience here at Passionfish. It's always nice to make new friends.

Wine Director